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The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney in conjunction with the Catholic Education Office Sydney will this year run the Charitable Works Fund Schools Appeal in the month of June. However, schools are encouraged to look into other dates if they are unable to hold the appeal during this period.

Participation of our Catholic schools plays a crucial role in helping the CWF fulfil its annual commitments to our charitable and pastoral works. Schools also assist in easing the financial burden on their parishes to fulfil their charitable commitments.

Please contact the CEO on where to obtain the necessary forms and submit payments from the appeal.

For more information on the CWF, please contact the Development and Fundraising Office on 1800 753 959 or email cwf@sydneycatholic.org

The CWF Kit
1. CWF Schools Appeal: Promoting Your Charity
2. Helpful Hints
3. Agency in Focus: Ephpheta Centre
4. About the Charitable Works Fund

Schools can go into the Catholic Education Office’s intranet site to view the video on Ephpheta Centre.

Good Samaritan CD front cover only.jpgJust like the story of The Good Samaritan, we can help people in need by making a donation to the Charitable Works Fund of the Sydney Archdiocese.

Download your free copy of Two By 2’s musical version of The Good Samaritan here.

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